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Fem Domme -- Severe Punishment -- CBT -- Mutilation

I am the freakiest Domme you will ever encounter. The weirder more perverse and twisted the better. I love dominating little sissies. I have a thing for torture and suffering. It s all extreme for me.

Come and visit me in my dungeon lol! Yo will squirm at the site of all the devices and little souvenirs I have I have collected from my victims.

I get so tired of playing nice. It’s just not in my nature and there are too many rules for this girl to follow.

I grow tired of males underestimating my power. They would tremble like before me if I fully unleashed my demonic phone sex witch powers. So every once in a while I let down my hair and go wild. All the power that I have been holding in, I just let it out and take what I want, do what I want. And if someone gets in my way, someone like you, I just use my mind control spells to move you. I have several tricks I can bring out. Maybe I’m in the mood for a tasty potion. Something that renders you helpless and weak. You don’t want to do the wicked things I’m making you do, but you can’t seem to stop yourself.

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