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I'm consider myself a selfish Girl, who always gets what she wants. I have easily gained ownership with signed contracts of many of weak pathetic Men. I enjoy controlling a Man and his cock completely. I long to expand my group of admirers, pathetic wimps, and losers such as Yourself. I'm not new to the scene, I'm feisty, exceedingly high maintenance. You will know I am always in control. However...

I can also be a very sweet girl who thoroughly enjoys hearing about steamy secrets and forbidden escapades and adventures. I love knowing that You are comfortable enough to be the one to bare your soul and I want to hear all about your dirty, little fantasies, I think the most uplifting, titillating info You provide me with further ammunition I will use on You to further put You in situations of tremendous humiliation acts against you!

At all time I expect for You to be courteous, respectful throughout our calls. Also remember You fricken Worm , You fools it may appear to Your little Pea brain that I may develop a friendly relationship with you, don't be mistaken, I at all times remain on a pedestal with you at my feet at all times. You are and will always be beneath Me!

I'm dominant with women and with men. I enjoy chastity, orgasm control, tease and denial, ownership, cock and ball torture/play, and humiliation via exhibitionism. I enjoy creating humiliating scenarios, I am extremely found of all types of verbal humiliation.

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