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Ass Worship -- Face sitting -- Choking -- Spoiled Princess

I know youíve been staring at my picture for a long time now, isnít time you grew a pair and call me? Your right, I do look like the type of girl that will eat you up the spit you out in less than a minute but donít worry youíll enjoy every minute. Let me assure you, Iím a woman of many talents. I can be a wickedly strict Dominatrix able to whip you into my obedientslave. Or I can switch into a sensual domm using my tantalizing bedroom voice with my sexy curves and good looks to mesmerize you into giving me full control of your cock. Eitherway you want to play Iím one spoiled rich bitch of a princess and I will be in control, and I do mean in control of your mind, body and wallet.

Iíve gotten bored with plain old vanilla sex long ago the only thing that turns me on now is going to the dark side of kinky, extremely kinky. Perhaps Iíll take you into my dungeon of pain itís full of all types of benches,tables and bondage devices. I have a closet full of toys from all shapes, sizes and colors of dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs, clamps weights, and whips and I canít wait to use them on you. Iím also well versed in all types of fetishes and fantasies from mild to extremely wild.

If you been fantasying about anintelligent strong willed drop dead gorgeous women taking full control of your life, donít look any further Iím the one for you. Call me, Princess Krystal from this moment on you and your cock are mine. I will make my cock cum like it has never cum before.

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