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One of my favorite callers has a rather unusual fetish. He likes to be submissive but not just any submissive. He likes to take things to the extreme. He wants to be totally helpless and unable to resist me and that’s why I give him extreme domination phone sex. He’s helpless and at my mercy completely. The more helpless he feels, the more he likes it. So when he asked me to cut off his arms and legs and put him in a box under my bed, well I had to.

How can a girl say no to an offer like that?! laughs It also helped that he was now an amputee so all he had to do was pull off his prosthetics and we were set. I really enjoy being this kind of creative and extreme domination phone sex mistress. I always like a challenge and something different, and this was it. So we started playing and haven’t stopped since. He gets very into it and I of course love every moment of being a domme. Going extreme makes it more intense, as you can imagine. smiles

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