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I love feminizing naughty boys into girls, but sometimes you meet a rare gem and know they need an sissy sex change phone sex fantasy. I found a pretty sissy slut that wanted to take things further. No matter how much makeup and girly stuff I put on him, he wanted more. He didn’t want guys fucking him in his stinky man pussy. What he wanted was a real pussy to play with and nice big bouncy tits! He had an extreme transformation fantasy that involved me changing him from a pathetic hairy man into a divine female slut. I’m a woman that loves extreme makeovers so naturally I was ready to dial up some doctors for his gender affirmation surgery.

He didn’t want to keep his cock and balls, which I understood completely. He was so small why bother even having a dick.He came to the right place, I love doing sissy sex change transformation phone sex fantasies with a good role-play story. I decided to be the sexy mad scientist that would change him from a dull boring guy into a glamorous sexy vixen. It all started with me strapping him to the table in my laboratory. After that, things got really weird.

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